"Few Americans are aware of the spectacular religious activity that has been thundering, with incalculable exuberance, through the hearts of millions of Africans in our just-passed century. Men and women have been seeing vision after vision, sign after sign, and wonder after wonder. There are national holidays commemorating miracles -- not from centuries ago by some old saint whose paint has long since peeled, but within the last few decades, witnessed by thousands of ordinary citizens still walking among us.
Although few in the U.S. are aware of all this, religious scholars whom I have contacted as independent sources have been recording the activity with intense fascination. Relatively little is known, and scholars are quite eager to learn more. They may be gathering information that could eventually form a "new" New Testament. It may well be that we are viewing the beginnings of a new civilization formed around a new Christ, which, like the occasion that started our present one 20 centuries ago, remains relatively unknown in the world until some time after the events that then inspire so many millions for centuries to come.

I am told, in fact, that I am the 8th American to have learned about the subject of this essay, which is about a man named Simeon Toko, who died in 1984. Simeon Toko appeared before people in an apparitional body and in dream states while he was physically alive, and continues to do the same among certain selected people 17 years after his natural death. At least one witness says he, personally, killed Simeon Toko -- quite professionally, as a hired killer -- and saw him alive again a few days later. Others still living at this writing say they saw Toko physically slaughtered, and watched him bring himself back to life before their astonished eyes. There is a very large body of testimony, of which only a little has yet been recorded or written down by eyewitnesses.

Much of the media news from Africa in the past 80 years has been presented as political rebellion and tribal warmongering, or as a battle between "good" civilized countries versus "evil" communists over the souls of Africans who are still considered uncivilized and superstitious and too immature, to be left to themselves... what with all those raw materials and diamonds yet needing dug up. This is the general bias of newsreporting from Africa as I remember it since my own childhood. It's not much different now. We tend to think of the African peoples in a distortion somewhere between a bouquet of jokes about banana republics and a vague, distant horror of unexplainable war and slaughter.

It is odd that Africa is considered a land of raw natural resources, presumed for centuries to be there largely for the benefit of civilized foreigners, who have had only to educate and "civilize" a species of simple people to work the mines and derricks for them.

It is very odd, considering that Africa is home to the most ancient of continuous Western civilizations, Ethiopia; for that matter Africa is home to the most ancient human bones yet chipped out of an earthly grave. Scientists are lately calling Africa the home of the human race.
Back in the late nineteenth century, British Museum curator E.A. Wallis Budge began translating the papyrii and wall-writings of ancient Egyptian temples. In order to come to some kind of understanding of those writings, Budge found himself compelled to compare the practices described in ancient language with those practiced by "natives," meaning black African peoples, of his time. He was also aware of the similarities of language between the ancient and current tongues.

As "savage" as they supposedly were, many Africans had in fact preserved practices known to and used successfully by their own ancestors, the ancient Egyptians. It is unarguable, looking at the fantastic ancient artisanry alone, that many pharoahs were black, and so too was a great deal of Egypt's ancient population, if not initially populated by black peoples entirely.

If by our own accounts African Egypt lasted at least 3,000 years (11,000 according to Herodotus' HISTORIES), we must admit that the wisdom and practice preserved in ancient writings was at the very least partly responsible for the second longest-lived civilization in historical record. "


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"The True 3rd Secret of Fatima announced in 1917 was foretelling Christ birth in Africa. The Vatican was instructed to release this news in 1960 and decided to keep it a secret.

The book is being featuring in several international news , radio and TV shows all over the world.

The same Jesus Christ born in Palestine came back the second time and was born in Africa as announced in Fatima. He performed various miracles, demonstrated His power over death, was butched, tortured by colonial powers. Exported to Europe/Portugal, where His heart was surgically removed, yet He was still alive. His birth was preceeded by Prophet Kimbangu who also was tortured, abused jailed for 30 years and died in prison. Prophet Kimbangu performed more miracles than Christ when He came the first time in Palestine.

This happen during our time, and very few people knew but the Vatican and World Powers.

The book shows systematically how culture, arts, religion, the use of numbers and so on emanated from the black race and was stollen to accomodate a predominantly controlling race in the world today.

It also direct the readers to the location of the true New Jerusalem, which is far from the today Jerusalem. This alsp proves that the 12 tribes of Israel are black, and still live in the center of Africa, in the Kongo Kingdon. This work is backed by historical, sociological, historical and biblical references....which not even the most notorious religious Scholars and the Vatican can contest.

What is it about the 3rd Secret of fatima that so many Popes have suppressed it? Why did John XXIII collapsed on reading its content, only to refuse to announce it in 1960 as instructed by the Lady of fatima to Lucia dos Santos? Why Did Pope John-Paul II authorize the release in may 2000 of what's widely believed to be a fraudulent 3rd Secret? What could be so shocking to the Vatican, more shocking even than Armageddon? That Jesus christ was back-and (again) was black?

Nine months after the 1st appearance by the Lady in Fatima, in May 1917, that (arguably) selfsame Messiah, as prophesied by Isaiah, John in revelation and various persecuted black African prophets, was born in Portuguese Angola, Simeon Toko was his name, and , as Pastor Melo of the Tokoist church explains in this controversial book, he performed miracles and ministered to the sick and poor-to the horror of the colonial and church powers."